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Welcome to Brickraise, where real estate investing is about real people. We're a real estate crowdfunding platform that uses people power to bring property projects and financial opportunities together. We believe that everyone should be able to invest in to property to help create a better future for themselves. We help everyday people become property investors, and we give developers access to a wide pool of investors who are eager to support real estate projects of all kinds. It's all about bringing people together to help each other reach investment goals and share the rewards.

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How it works

Imagine an online community where people who are looking to invest in real estate, get to deal direct with the developers who have those opportunities. This is what Brickraise is all about. Developers list their projects and set a funding goal, and investors select the deals they would like to support. Working together, our members bypass the usual upfront fees, cut out the middle men, lower the barriers to making real estate deals happen- and most importantly, share the success!

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Brickraise is about empowering the next generation of property investors to secure their future through creating real estate wealth. Whether you are a first time investor looking to beef up your retirement fund and enjoy a better lifestyle through a smarter use of your savings, or a developer looking to bypass financing bottle-necks created by the banks, Brickraise is for you.

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Bypass the banks and put your development projects in the hands of the people who want to fund them. Spread the amount of capital you need to raise across an investor pool that is eager, ready to invest- and has the funds you need.

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Brickraise is Australia's first real estate crowdfunding portal providing real estate investment for all. We're changing the face of real estate crowdfunding and handing opportunity back to the people.