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How does Brickraise work?

If You want to make your real estate investment dreams come true, Brickraise has you covered! Brickraise is a secure online platform that uses crowdfunding to fund real estate projects. We bring all sorts of real estate development projects direct to you via the Brickraise platform. You get to choose the property projects that interest you and invest your disposable income to create tidy returns on your investment.

Real estate crowdfunding is about using the power of many to make big things happen. Like the old saying 'many hands make light work,' many crowdfunding individuals make light work of raising capital in real estate. Bringing larger groups of smaller investors' together means you can put your money to better use and receive greater returns.

For developers, Brickraise is a great way to bypass banking bottle-necks, having to schmooze big investors, and generally have all your funding eggs in the one basket. You set the entry level for investors, you set the investment terms, and we bring you the interested investors. Simple! Brickraise is all about putting control back into the hands of the investors and developers to create opportunity. It's about real estate for all.

What are the benefits in choosing real estate crowdfunding over traditional property investment forms?

It's no secret that the property market has sky-rocketed in the last 10 to 20 years. An increasingly expensive real estate market has seen many people priced out of owning their own home, let alone property investment!

So the Brickraise team decided to bring back the dream of home ownership and real estate investment for everyone. Brickraise removes the need to have large sums of money at the ready or to get in significant debt in order to invest. Instead, it uses the power of crowdfunding to bring together smaller amounts across a broader audience. You can take your disposable income or your savings and turn them into high returning investments.

This is where community becomes incredibly powerful. Your savings become valuable again because they are matched with the funds contributed by other people to make a project a success. It's about bringing people together with the kinds of deals usually reserved for big investors or banks and enjoying the mutual benefits!

Crowdfunding also cuts out the middle man as investors and developers meet direct via our platform. That cuts out red tape, saves time, additional costs, and many of the fees associated with traditional property investment. Brickraise connects interested investors to fantastic real estate deals with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

In short, real estate crowdfunding saves you time, money and a heck of a lot of legwork. And you get to discover a like minded community in the process. All while you learn and earn more in the wonderful world of real estate investing!

Is property crowdfunding safe?

Yes. Brickraise is a very secure platform. We use 128 bit encryption, the very same encryption that is used by major banks the world over. We also set a time limit of 15 minutes to inactivity so that your membership cannot be accessed without your knowledge if you forget to log out.

We promote a safe, supportive and secure member community. All of our investors and developers are vetted and approved before membership access is granted. Each of our real estate deals and projects are thoroughly checked and vetted before being approved. And we also continually monitor activity on our service to ensure your privacy and protection at all times.

Plus, Brickraise is based on the highly successful 'all-or-nothing' crowdfunding model. That means your investment funds are only ever used towards projects that are successful in reaching their target amount. It also means the funds are held and verified prior to being added to the crowdfunding total. So any crowdfunding pledge made or any project that goes ahead is genuine!

Why do I need to include photos?

From standard crowdfunding projects through to traditional real estate listings, we know that pictures truly are worth a 1000 words. Crowdfunding real estate is naturally a place where a photo is vitally important.

Projects and people who include pictures in their profiles help to build trust with other members on the service and sell the investment opportunities available.

This is why we require you to use photos when setting up a project or a member profile.

Photos are also great marketing tools. Don't forget, Brickraise connects people from all over, so by adding photos, you can market and sell yourself as an investor or developer, and your project!

Is real estate crowdfunding legal?

Yes. While property crowdfunding may be a new concept, we've made sure that Brickraise is compliant with the appropriate state, territory and federal laws. This means we've dug into some very special time with our lawyers (and our pockets) to ensure we comply with the relevant legislation covering real estate crowdfunding.