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This is your opportunity to enter the lucrative property investment market through real estate crowdfunding. With Brickraise, you can gain access to the sorts of high return deals usually reserved for seasoned investors and big conglomerates with as little as $5000. Select the projects that interest you and invest with confidence. Turn your investment today into tomorrow's wealth and security with Brickraise!

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Wherever you roam and at any hour of the day, Brickraise is there for you. Our encrypted online platform uses the same state-of-the-art security employed by leading banking institutions. You can manage your Brickraise real estate crowdfunding portfolio safely with a few simple clicks from your computer, mobile or tablet. Forget paperwork or waiting for the banks to open. The market never sleeps, and neither does Brickraise.

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At Brickraise, we believe the key to making the most out of each opportunity is trust. When you join Brickraise, you'll soon find you are part of a thriving, supportive community. Every project submitted to our platform is checked and verified to ensure only the best possible real estate crowdfunding opportunities are made available to you. And Brickraise property investment projects are designed to provide you with quality deals with a decent level of return, right at your fingertips.

You're always in control

Brickraise is all about simplifying the crowdfunding process to make real estate investing as exciting and as enjoyable as possible. We provide you with an easy-to-use customised online dashboard to manage and monitor your investments. And we share up-to-the-minute data on real estate market trends. Plus you can always access our extensive education centre, our ever-growing blog, and your ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge in property investing and crowdfunding within the Brickraise team.